27: Conflicting channel settings in sequence

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Message Number: 27

Severity: Warning

Summary: Conflicting channel settings in sequence

Details #1: The name of the sequence having the conflict

Details #2: The track containing the first conflicting channel

Details #3: The name of the first conflicting channel

Details #4: The track containing the second conflicting channel

Details #5: The name of the second conflicting channel


One of your scheduled sequences contains two different channels that both are set up to control the same physical string of lights - for example, they are both set up to control circuit 3 of Light-O-Rama unit 7 on the regular Light-O-Rama network.


Your sequence will play, but these two channels will fight for control over the lights hooked up to the circuit, which may have make the lights behave in ways that you weren't expecting.


The cause of this may simply be that one of the two channels is set up with the wrong unit ID, circuit number, network, or device type.  In this case, use the Sequencer to change the channel's settings appropriately.


If you do intend both channels to control the same string of lights, the lights may or may not behave as you expect.  The suggested way to do what you probably want is not to have two different channels with the same settings, but to have a single channel that is contained in two different tracks:


Let's say that you have "Channel A" in the first track, and "Channel B" in the second track.  These channels have the same physical settings as each other, but different effect events.  Then to change this situation to the suggested way, use the Sequencer as follows:


First, copy Channel A from the first track to the second track.


Next, merge the effect events from Channel B into Channel A, so that Channel A contains the effect events from both channels.


Finally, delete Channel B.

This will leave you with a single channel - Channel A - which is contained in both tracks, and which contains all of the effect events that you wanted for its string of lights.  Having this single channel in two tracks, instead of two different channels in the  two tracks, will make the lights behave as you probably expect.


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