21: Show file does not exist

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Message Number: 21

Severity: Error

Summary: Show file does not exist

Details: The name of the missing show file


You have a show scheduled, but the file that is supposed to contain that show does not exist.  The show will not play until this problem is resolved.


If you do not want the show to play, this is not a problem, but you may want to remove it from your schedule (using the Schedule Editor) so that this error message does not appear in the future.


If you do want the show to play, perhaps its file was renamed, or deleted.  If it was renamed, either rename it back, or else use the Schedule Editor to point to the new name of the show file instead of the old name.  If it was deleted, check your computer's Recycle Bin.


If these suggestions do not resolve the situation, you may have to recreate the show, using the Show Editor.


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