14: No registry entry for media data path

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Message Number: 14

Severity: Warning

Summary: No registry entry for media data path


A required Light-O-Rama entry in the Windows registry cannot be found.  This could occur, for example, if the installation was interrupted, or if a registry cleanup utility deleted certain Light-O-Rama entries from your computer's Windows registry.


Until this problem is resolved, it is possible that your shows will run successfully, but it is likely that they will not.  Even if the shows themselves do run, certain sequences in them may not.


If the problem is that the registry entries have been deleted, you can solve it by running the LORPost utility, which is typically automatically run after installation.  This utility can be found in the directory where you installed your Light-O-Rama program files, which is typically (but not always) C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama.


Note that the LORPost utility will ask where your Light-O-Rama data files should be stored.  If you already have a "Sequences" directory, and would like to keep your sequences there by default, tell it the directory one level above that directory.  For example, if your sequences are stored in C:\LOR\Sequences, tell the LORPost utility to store your Light-O-Rama data files in C:\LOR.


Otherwise, try reinstalling Light-O-Rama, or uninstalling and then reinstalling.


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