Verifier Messages 31-40

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The following are some messages can be generated by the Light-O-Rama Verifier.  For details on any given one, please refer to its individual help page.  To see all possible messages, please refer to the List of Verifier Messages.


Message 31 (Warning): Channel uses undefined comm network
Message 32 (Warning): Channel in tracks of conflicting length
Message 33 (Warning): Musical file used in non-audio section of show
Message 34 (Warning): Subsequences not supported
Message 35 (Warning): Background sequences unsupported
Message 36 (Warning): Startup sequences unsupported
Message 37 (Warning): Shutdown sequences unsupported
Message 38 (Warning): Interactive triggers unsupported
Message 39 (Warning): Unsupported number of tracks
Message 40 (Warning): Shell commands unsupported