Prop Properties: General Tab

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This tab on the Light-O-Rama Visualizer's Prop Properties box allows you to change various properties assigned to a prop:


Name: The name of this prop.
Comment: A comment area for your personal use.
Locked: Lock or unlock the prop.  Locked props cannot be selected or edited in the main editing window.
Export Prop File: This button allows you to export this prop into a file library.  See Importing and Exporting Fixtures and Props for more information.
Fixture List: Click a row here to edit the fixtures assigned to this prop.
Clicking a blank line will allow you to add a fixture.
Clicking an existing line will bring up a list of fixtures, as well as a delete button ("X") to remove the selected fixture from the prop.
If a fixture is already assigned to a prop, the fixture name is noted with an asterisk ("*") in the fixture list.
Removing a fixture from a prop does not delete the fixture.


Change Order of Fixtures: Pressing this button brings up the Reorder Prop dialog.  This dialog allows you to change the order of the fixtures assigned to a prop.  you may want to change the order of fixtures before using the Channel Wizard.



The Prop Properties General tab