Options Tab 6: Com/Ref

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This tab on the Light-O-Rama Visualizer's Options dialog controls how the Visualizer interacts with the Sequence Editor or Show Player:


Communications: These fields control how the Sequence Editor or Show Player will "talk to" (control) the Visualizer.  Normally you will be running the Visualizer on the same computer as the Sequence Editor, so the defaults (Local and port 30303) should be OK.  Advanced users may want to change these fields.  In all cases, the fields here must match the Visualizer Properties in the Sequence Editor.
Don't show 'Load Another' reminder when loading reference files: The system will remind you after loading a reference file that you can load as many such files as you like.  Checking this box will disable this reminder.
OK: Applies the changes and closes the dialog.
Cancel: Discards the changes and closes the dialog.
Load Defaults: You can reset how the Visualizer works to the installation defaults by clicking this button.



The Com/Ref Options tab