Options Tab 4: Fixtures

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This tab on the Light-O-Rama Visualizer's Options dialog allows you to specify defaults and parameters when working with fixtures or props.


When creating new fixtures assume the fixture is new: When set to "Ask", the system will present the "Assign to Fixture" dialog box, where you can select to create a new fixture or to use an existing fixture for a newly created drawing.  When this option is set to "Always", the system creates a new fixture and never prompts.
Default channel type: When creating a new fixture, the channel type will automatically be set to this type where applicable.
Automatically Show the Fixture Properties Box After: You can control when the system automatically shows the fixture properties after the following actions: creating a new fixture, adding points to an existing fixture, selecting a fixture in the editor, selecting a fixture in the object list, undo/redo of fixture properties.
Automatically Show the Prop Properties Box After Using a Wizard to Create 2 or More Fixtures: If you use a wizard to create a prop, if that prop contains more than two fixtures and you have selected this option, the Prop Properties dialog will be shown.



The Fixtures Options tab