Actions Toolbar

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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer's Actions Toolbar contains commands and actions that you can perform, including simulation, object selection, et cetera:


Play: Place the Visualizer in simulation mode.
Select Prop: Place the Visualizer in prop mode and allow the selection of props.
Fixture Select: Place the Visualizer in fixture mode and allow the selection of fixtures.
Draw Strings: Draw strings of lights.
Draw CCRs: Draw single bulbs of a CCR fixture.
Draw Floods: Draw flood lights.
Draw Single Bulbs: Draw single bulbs.
Arch Wizard: Start the Arch/Fan Wizard.
Tree Wizard: Start the Tree Wizard.
CCR Wizard: Start the CCR Wizard.
Matrix Wizard: Start the CCR Matrix Wizard.
Insert Fixture: Import a fixture from a fixture file.
Insert Symbol: Create a fixture based upon a font character.
Insert Prop: Import a prop from a prop file.
Level Properties: Set level options and visibility.
Create New Prop: Create a prop so that fixtures can be assigned to it.